For One Mom, Storing Her Baby's Cord Blood Was a No-Brainer

An encounter between Quorus Technology International cord blood educator Katie Persons and one very special mom:

One mom's story

"One morning, I got into a conversation with a mom I met in an OBGYN’s office in Clearwater, Florida. She was with her daughter who looked to me to be about 7. I feel very strongly about providing education on the benefits of cord blood banking, so I approached her, not frankly sure if she was even pregnant!
She seemed "clued-in" to who I was from the start, and when I asked her, “Have you considered cord blood banking for your baby,” the mom confided in me that her daughter with her at the appointment had recovered from leukemia as a result of a cord blood transplant.
Her beautiful daughter was the one who actually told me her own story! The daughter told me she was in the hospital for 3 years (which the mom confirmed) and that “I went bald THREE times!” Without intending to do so, I began crying as the girl proceeded to tell me about her favorite nurse and her favorite doctor. She was a bundle of positive energy.
The mom explained to me that they had not stored their daughter’s umbilical cord blood stem cells and they had to find a suitable match from a public bank. Finding a match proved to be incredibly challenging as did the cost once a match was found. At first, they were at the wit's end thinking she might pass away before a match was finally found.
I discussed with her more about the differences between cord blood banking companies and about the advantages of Quorus Technology International, being the most highly accredited cord blood bank and the only FACT accredited private cord blood bank in the United States. I explained how all 10 of the highest ranked cancer care centers in the US are FACT accredited.
She went ahead and enrolled and we gave her a 50% discount.
I thought about this encounter all day. And I had a lunch later that day with a number of physicians and I shared this story with them.
It’s just so real. And it’s important to keep that in mind. And more so, it’s too important to pass up."
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