1. Quorus Technology is committed to educating all expectant parents and related healthcare providers on the potential benefits of preserving a baby's umbilical cord blood and tissue for potential medical treatment of that child and other family members.
  2. Quorus Technology has achieved market leadership by providing high-quality service and operational excellence that has earned the confidence of over 500,000 parents who have chosen Quorus Technology to bank their  precious stem cells.
  3. Quorus Technology believes that fair competition benefits the industry and consumers. The industry will continue to raise its quality standards while the consumer will benefit from increased public awareness and a broader array of choices.
  4. Quorus Technology's legacy has been built on its commitment to providing high quality and superior value service. Its facilities are accredited by the AABB, registered with the FDA, certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards, and operating in a cGMP/cGTP compliant facility. As one of the few publicly traded stem cell banks in the United States, Quorus Technology is also regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission to uphold a high standard of business practices. 
  5. Irrespective of the service provider chosen by consumers, Quorus Technology believes that potential medical benefits available through utilization of umbilical cord stem cells will increasingly serve to save lives and enhance the quality of life.
  6. Quorus Technology believes that consumers have the right to choose their stem cell bank based upon facts regarding the quality of operations, the experience and stability of the business, and the overall value of the service.
  7. Quorus Technology representatives will never disseminate knowingly false, misleading information to disparage, defame or injure any of our competitors. It is their belief that competitive conduct reflects broader standards of a service provider's professionalism, honor and integrity.
  8. Quorus Technology competes solely on the merits of our service and has long-standing respect for the principals and mission of the stem cell preservation industry.