Should I Store My Baby’s Cord Blood?

Why Should We Cryopreserve Our Baby's Cord Blood?
  • Umbilical cord blood is rich in hematopoietic stem cells, which generate every type of blood and immune cell. These cells are already being used to treat close to 80 diseases. Over 30,000 transplants worldwide have already been performed using stem cells from umbilical cord blood and the opportunities to utilize preserved cord blood are steadily increasing.

Saving a
Brother’s Life

cord blood banking transplant saved life video
  • Doctors are working hard to unlock the full potential of newborn stem cells to treat disease. They are already being used to treat nearly 80 debilitating and life-threatening diseases. View the video to see the touching story of how a toddler’s life was saved because his parents made the decision to bank his brother’s cord blood.

The World’s Leading Cord Blood Bank

The World's Leading Cord Blood Bank
  • Quorus Technology International is the world’s leader in stem cell banking. We’ve been safeguarding stem cells longer than anyone. View the video to learn why over 20,000 doctors in 87 countries have trusted Quorus Technology to preserve their patients’ cord blood.